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Interior design, architectural design and construction

We are based in Tirana, Albania, and work worldwide

99ALBSTUDIO is the most famous architectural office in Albania. With an elite experience and 10 years in the market, we offer a specialized service with the highest quality in the field of architecture. With an exceptional staff, innovative ideas, class and wonderful taste to bring the best possible to customers. We are located in the 21st of December Area in Tirana and offer online consultancy for projects all over the world through online platforms.

The art of living in the style of 99ALBSTUDIO is a manifesto of individuality, a constant search for perfection and the value of contemporary traditions. We give a new quality of life, taking care to offer our customers a feeling of exclusivity for years to come. From the beginning of a design project to the production of furniture, we think at every stage of creating a modern luxury lifestyle, offering a unique methodology for working with the client and high-class service.

The group’s unique concept is based on three main elements – internal growth to create a synergistic effect, adherence to the principle “interior as art” and a multifaceted creative approach. We follow global trends, take inspiration from the world of fashion and design and expand the geography of our projects.

Our success defines our vision of modern luxury from a global perspective, the quality of services and the responsible creativity of our team of like-minded people. All this allows us to reach new heights with each new project and become part of the design of the future.

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What will we work for?

Choose the type of your premises - and you will discover how we cooperate

Exclusive residential premises for apartments, villas, penthouses worldwide.

Effective commercial environments for restaurants and cafes, offices, hotels and other businesses.

Complex architectural design (Wright and stone houses) with a complete documentation package

Installation of utilities, condition of the base and fine workmanship, arrangement of furniture and decor.

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